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I have worked hard to excel in the corporate world toward becoming an inspirational and knowledgeable resource for my clients. I worked as a corporate auditor for over 30 years, which is why trust, respect and integrity are so important to me. In working with and learning from several great leaders, I found my purpose. I draw from my successful work experiences and education to contribute to the success of others. However, success in business is not just about finances. Health is wealth, which is why I couple my wealth mission with a health mission. As a result, you won’t find an intimidating, impersonal accountant experience at Angel Financial Services. Instead, you’ll encounter a highly personalized experience with professionals who never cease to learn and pursue their dreams… just like you!


Our Underlying Approach To Supporting Your Dreams

Be confident in taking that first step for your financial health and business plan! Having entrepreneurial spirits ourselves, we understand your dream and vision of unlimited possibilities. We’re here to inspire and provide support at a time when you need it most in your new ventures. Making the decision to work with us is taking the first step towards your new inner mantra of “Yes, I can do this!”

At Angel Financial Services you’ll find your business is treated as more than just a column of posted numbers. You’ll engage with professionals who care about your dream and make it possible with a sound financial plan. You’ll discover honest and skillful friends within our team who believe in your concept.

Finances may seem daunting, but we take an intimidating and technical task and make it understandable. With us, you’ll have a direct opportunity to see how your financial fitness can intersect with your overall health. It’s no secret that nutritionally and physically fit entrepreneurs are more likely to be financially secure. Money coupled with poor health or great health with no savings, are unbalanced solutions to enjoying your best life. This is why Angel Financial Services takes a holistic approach. It takes viewing all facets of a person’s life to translate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors into a clear financial plan for your health and wellbeing.


All you need is a strong vision and an intense willingness to learn. You’ll lead the key decision-making for your business with the plan that we’ll build together. In this collaborative effort, we’re happy to be a resource and team advisor to your hard work in achieving your goals and staying on track. Maybe this is uncharted territory, but you’re never alone on the mission. That is why partnering with the right financial professional is vital.


Speciality Service

Tax Resolution

  • Resolve tax issues with professional representation on your behalf in front of the IRS.
  • Gain assistance in navigating all available legal avenues for the largest debt reduction.
  • Receive personalized advising for future tax seasons to pay back taxes, avoid tax liens and minimize liabilities.

Credit & Debt Management

  • Get out of debt and stay financially secure.
  • Create a realistic budget that allows you to build your career, business and dreams.
  • Receive professional guidance on increasing your credit score.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Understand how your business is performing with stress-free, organized recordkeeping and financial analysis.
  • Resolve issues and streamline your bookkeeping process.
  • Gain confidence and independence in recording and interpreting your company’s financial data.

Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Proactively plan for the tax year with guidance to save earnings for your business and family.
  • Maximize your income by taking advantage of available deductions and credits.
  • Prepare your taxes efficiently while following state and federal filing guidelines.

Wealth Management & Coaching

  • Help build wealth and increase cash flow through programs added to your business.
  • Collaborate during 1-on-1 counseling sessions to create goals to stay on your ideal financial track.
  • Focus on growing your business and managing your finances with our assistance and expertise.

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When a client sends us a text message, we promptly respond with a message that informs them about our communication policies and provides them with an option to opt-out. Consent is obtained at the beginning of a business relationship. SMS is only being used for contact with existing, active customers. This is the link the Oasis team uses that has an online presence to get implied consent: https://angelfinancial.services/

If you select a pay-in-full option for any of the tiers above, you have a 60 day refund policy, no questions asked. Note: if you receive a refund, we cannot  issue a certificate for credits.

On the month-to-month plans, you can cancel any time, although there are no refunds available.

Rest-assured, we trust you’ll have a fun, informative, and positive experience in The Executive Touch.

For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaints, please contact us at 571-972-5777. CPE Standards Reference: Standard No. 12