My name is Angie Toney and I have been a CPA for over 20 years. Welcome to my new blog page where I will be sharing many tax tips and business advice to optimize your growth and minimize your tax liability. I specialize in implementing tax strategies for small business owners. I learn from the horse’s mouth, the IRS itself, as well as top quality CPA’s, EA’s, attorneys and business owners across the nation. Several small business owners have already benefitted from the tax-saving advice in the personal tax plans I have prepared for them.

By working with me, you will learn the following:
• Why your current accountant doesn’t know all these strategies and have been costing you thousands of dollars each year,
• Why the IRS really loves you, the small business owner, and that the current tax code has literally dozens of juicy deductions built into it that only business owner taxpayers can take,
• How to stop worrying about the financial part of your small business and concentrate on what you do best…providing your product or service!

If you want me to review your ability to qualify for, maximize and audit-proof your tax deductions, please contact my office at (note: not .com).

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