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The Executive Touch

The solution to scaling your Thriving Tax & Accounting Practice, in style

Welcome to the Boardroom!

The Executive Touch is a professional development experience + community!

What can you expect from the Executive Touch?

Beyond Theory

Literally learn HOW to implement high-end tax strategies

Responsive Consult

Get answers to the cases you're working on right now

Top-notch Community

Experienced finance professionals only social media & connection forum. Just for you.

Experiential CE/CPE Credits

Get the credits you need like never before Hint: Jamaica is our favorite place to learn!

Private professional development portal

Streaming available right now!

What you can count on learning AND getting credits on, day-or-night.

How to diversify your business with high-profile work so you’re not chasing volume

How to build your representation and planning solutions with the end in mind

How to easily transition your representation work to a tax strategy engagement

Understand exactly how to add smart representation and strategy to your practice

Representation — receive an efficient & effective roadmap so you can close clients and deliver

How to connect to new prospects and create follow-on sales

The keys & tools to confidence when it comes to talking to the IRS or state

Strategy-work — deep dive into process and techniques

How to make more and work less with sustainable all-year round work

On-Demand Tax Training with Lasting Impact.

Our course library is being added to all the time. Lock in your rate, now.

Experiential CE/CPE Credits
10 +
Hours of game-changing training
Step-by-Step Cases studies

Make your representation work and tax plans impeccable—and your clients happy too.

Even if you've never done representation work before!

Meet the founder, Angie Toney CPA/PFS, CTS

Angie has been on all sides of the finance professional field: a tax strategist, accountant, and corporate auditor. Her network also extends into former IRS professionals/tax auditors.

With these experiences, Angie knows first-hand how to move through representation and strategy work from a unique investigatory perspective, while still maintaining heart-felt trust and care for clients.

Hello finance professional!

Welcome home. I mean it. I created the Executive Touch so our community can come together, have high-end fun, learn expert strategies and actually experience a sense of community like the executives we are.

We wanted to work for ourselves. We know we do good work. Here we are! You’re doing it. Time to give our work that “executive touch!”

After years in the biz, what I learned is that so many trainings don’t actually show you how to actually implement. They’re only theoretical…Or, on the other hand, they only go over the basics…I guarantee the Executive Touch experience involves boots-on-the-ground how-tos to ensure you’re over delivering (and getting paid for it too)!”

Welcome to the community you belong in. Kick the imposter syndrome (we all suffer from it sometimes). Here, you can be respected as The contributor that you are.

Angel Financial Services is the key to ensuring you've got that Executive Touch.

You’re in the C-Suite now, pull up a chair, and pick what seat in the board room is best for you.

On-Demand Tax Training with Lasting Impact.

We’ve supported hundreds of professionals to perform their work in excellence by collaborating on real-time cases and providing training. Now we’re offering a unique opportunity to join a professional community of finance pros:


$97/ Month


$497/ Month


$997/ Month

By application only, once you're in the board room.

Want support selecting the best fit for you?

Calling Tax Pros who love to serve!

We need more financial professionals like you to do this high-profile, representation and strategy work. It is fulfilling and profitable for all involved. You support people to de-stress and create a harmonious financial future.

You can learn how to do the work in excellence, step-by-step, in a way where you cut through the noise and circumstance of the client, know the tactics, and get to the solution.

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On the month-to-month plans, you can cancel any time, although there are no refunds available.

Rest-assured, we trust you’ll have a fun, informative, and positive experience in The Executive Touch.

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